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Grace Groups

Small gatherings. Big pay-off.

Get involved

Food Pantry

Serving Sarasotans in need.

Get involved

Serve Sunday Mornings

Put your skills into action.

Get Involved.

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Grace Groups...

Want to spend more time with fellow GraceLifers and learn more about God’s Word? Everyone is invited to join one of our new GraceGroups. Watch for new groups and start dates.

Food Pantry...

GraceLife Church has a food pantry and we'd love for you to join us.  We are currently setting up on Mondays from 10-11 am and serving GraceLife Recovery on Monday nights after their programs.  You can serve every week or every month. Whatever works for you!  Our Community Food Pantry is open 11:45-2 pm.

Sunday Mornings...

Sundays is where it all comes together. It's the Big Kahuna. The whole enchilada. Where the rubber meets the road. Ministry off and running. So bring your mad skills–setup, tear down, children's teachers, coffee baristas, happy greeters, connection corner, band member, whatever you do, please remember–we love to see love in action!

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