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Swimming Lessons

Is your love for God’s Word selective?


There’s nothing wrong with clinging to encouraging and inspirational words from God. 

But, what about the other scriptures? 

You know: the parts of the Bible most of us prefer to ignore, or perhaps we wish they didn’t even exist. 

We tend to neglect the verses that, if God really means what He says, demand we make... 


Surviving In Egypt

Have you inherited a legacy of broken people and relationships in desperate need of grace and transformation?

Many people live in daily bondage to their dysfunction, paralyzed by the fear, anxiety, or guilt it brings. Unwittingly, we become prisoners to our dysfunction and perpetuate its impact to the next generation. Dysfunction is almost unavoidable in a world like ours. Yet we still must find a way to survive in this world and thrive spiritually, even as we...

Growing To Love God's Word

Does the thought of immersing yourself in God’s word fill you with anticipation, or with unease? Strong one day, stumbling the next. Cowering under the guilt and shame of your past. Suspecting that you don’t love God and his word as you should. If any of this describes you, there’s a song for that: a 22-stanza psalm right in the middle of the Bible. Authored by King David, whose epic personal failures only highlight the extravagant hope he found in God’s word, Psalm 119 is more powerful today than when it was written, because...

The Grace Life

Imagine if 1st-century Christian teaching were alive and well in the 21st century.


If the apostle Paul wrote a letter to your church, what would it say? If you want to see God’s powerful love at work in your community, read "The Grace Life" and find out how Paul’s words will revitalize your church’s outlook and relationships - starting with you!


Pastor Joseph Davis takes Paul’s letter to his favorite church, the Philippians, and applies its teaching to modern-day believers. You will be challenged, humbled, and inspired by Paul’s love and dedication as you discover...

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