core Values

Mobile.     Organic.     Biblical.     Generous.

Mobile – Community centered, not location centered

GraceLife is not centered upon one location or facility. On Sundays we meet for worship in Downtown Sarasota at McCurdy’s Comedy Theater. During the week we have a facility in South Sarasota County where fellowship groups meet and ministry activities are held. We also have an operations center in downtown Sarasota that also provides space for fellowship groups, and other ministry activities. This enables us to be a church that belongs to all of Sarasota, not just one neighborhood.

Organic – Ministry grows naturally through relationships, not programs

GraceLife seeks its identity through organic engagement with our unique culture and circumstances in Sarasota. Our goal is authentic ministry led by God, driven by the talents and passions of our people, not driven by programs. This enables us to be a unique church, free to do what is necessary to reach those God has called us to love.

Biblical – Influences all cultures and people with God’s grace

GraceLife reflects both the liberal and conservative nature of the Biblical teachings of God. This provides a biblical foundation for balance in ministry. We seek to be liberal in our application of grace and conservative in preserving what is of eternal value. We embrace the Bible as our only rule for faith and practice, which frees us to reach beyond past culture and traditions.

Generous – God’s grace results in surprising, unexpected generosity

GraceLife’s core values of being Mobile, Organic, and Biblical enable us to keep costs of operations low. This allows us to be open-handed to those around us with our God given resources. Our goal is to demonstrate grace driven generosity in our community by allocating more than half our budget to ministries of compassion and outreach.